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'''Bruno Benedetto Rossi''' (13 April 1905 – 21 November 1993) was an Italian experimental physics|experimental physicist. He made major contributions to particle physics and the study of cosmic rays. A 1927 graduate of the University of Bologna, he became interested in cosmic rays. To study them, he invented an improved electronic coincidence circuit, and travelled to Eritrea to conduct experiments that showed that cosmic ray intensity from the West was significantly larger than that from the East. Forced to emigrate in October 1938 because of the Italian Racial Laws, Rossi moved to Denmark, where he worked with Niels Bohr, then to Britain, where he worked with Patrick Blackett at the University of Manchester, and finally to the United States, where he worked with Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago, and later at Cornell University. Rossi stayed in the United States, and...
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